I’m having “issues” with blogspot

I’m having “issues” with blogspot again. Page not found errors… And bitstream is falling apart at the seams… I have my email one minute, and the next it’s all fucked up. Fortunately, they’ve got some really talented people down there, and I’m sure they’re doing the best they can…

Today at work was this all-gage company meeting… we played “games” which were mostly trivia about the various parts of the company. It’s actually a pretty amazing thing, when you think about Gage marketing as a whole–merely in terms of the volume and sheer diversity of work that comes through this building. Unfortunately, working in one of these cubes, on my stupid little projects, doesn’t leave me feeling part of anything big or important. The opposite is more frequently the case, (if it wasn’t already obvious.) I usually feel so separate from this whole thing. I want to get out. Run. Become a hermit.

I am not a drone. I am not a drone. I am not a drone.


I’ve caught the ebay bug. It’s funny how I’ve used ebay in the past without getting addicted. I think I was always looking for something in particular, but that’s how this started too… it was just something in particular that I didn’t (strictly speaking) need, so maybe that’s the difference. Video games are plentiful in the land of online auctions, and I’ve found a few pretty good deals. My SNES/N64 game-organizer should be arriving in the mail any day now. I’m pretty excited about that one. And I bought Kirby 64 because Laura likes playing Kirby when we play Super Smash Bros.. But last night I found myself staring at the screen long after I’d already checked my current auctions, surfing for everything, anything, something–things I don’t even really want… but have maybe thought about buying in the past. I think maybe it’s got to stop… maybe.

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