I guess I am desperate

I guess I am desperate for content. (I’m working on getting those links up, but I think I may have to re-design for them to work–they’re pushing my right nav-bar out, which makes things look funny with this jurry-rigged template.)

Anyway, here is another conversation ser and I had on friday:

  trophy-boy: how style-sheet-saavy are you?
  databl1p: pretty up “with it” if you know what I’m saying.
  databl1p: shoot..
  trophy-boy: =o
  trophy-boy: apart from just removing text decorations completely, how does one change the “underline” part of a text style?
  trophy-boy: is there a text-decoration-color tag?
  databl1p: interesting… I’m not sure.
  trophy-boy: dot dot dot
  trophy-boy: you are no longer my hero
  databl1p: hold your fucking horses.
  trophy-boy: NOW NOW NOW
  databl1p: the only thing I can think of is giving the paragraph a style with a bottom border … and you can specify the color of that border..
  trophy-boy: kk you are once again my hero
  trophy-boy: you can put the trophy back on your mantle.
  databl1p: my “mantle”?
  databl1p: your “trophy”?
  trophy-boy: your fireplace mantle thingie
  databl1p: my “fire” place?
  trophy-boy: yes
  trophy-boy: where you put your fire
  databl1p: where it’s “hot”!
  trophy-boy: yes, the sun rarely shines there, too.
  databl1p: IN HELL!!!!
  trophy-boy: and you should get the cause of the fire looked at
  databl1p: do you mean the burning sensation, because that didn’t happen until you put your “trophy” on my “mantle”.
  trophy-boy: well there is definitely not a problem with my trophy, if that’s what you’re suggesting
  trophy-boy: maybe you’ve been putting too many trophies on your mantle recently
  databl1p: Maybe your trophy has been on a few too many mantles!!!
  trophy-boy: ridiculous. i always am careful about what mantles my trophy is on
  trophy-boy: it’s not like i run around town putting my trophy on mantles
  databl1p: but do you generally use a doily?
  trophy-boy: i’m not into stuffed animals

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