The sci-fi author Jim Munroe’s

The sci-fi author Jim Munroe’s most recent novel contains various instances of product placement. He decided to send invoices to the companies he wrote about, and even followed up with some pretty damn hilarious “past due” letters. Here’s a couple of my favorite quotes:

“Let me clarify things for you, Steve. I am a science fiction author. This means I invent the future. SF writers wrote about rocketships – we got them. Cell phones – ta da. Tricorders from Star Trek are basically Palm Pilots. ”

“Maybe your accounting department is in the same country as many of your
clothing factories, and this accounts for the delay.”

I’m going to have to pick up one of his novels for sure.

On an unrelated note, dobbs (author of victoryshag–where’s the latest post?) and I have been discussing the nature of blogs vs real-tv. I just now decided in my last post that I think blogs deserve a new literary classification: Non-narrative non-fiction. (perhaps only new to me, I have no idea).

As for my narrative–tonight I get to go see the Flying Karamazov Brothers at the Guthrie!

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