If I have learned anything

If I have learned anything in this universe (in the last 24 hours), I have learned these things:

• It’s good to understand how your php script works before you complain about weird “caching” issues and/or go about fucking things up in said script.
• Other people write better poems than you. (whoever you are)
• Business is business–that means it will always be run by stupid people.
• Some tricks are really really hard. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to learn them anyway, and in fact, makes it more fun to sort of half-learn them, because you can celebrate “almost-getting-it” that many more times.
• Old friends may call at any moment.
• If a game is released on a particular day, and you call a store that is open 24 hours at 11:45pm the night before, that game is not guaranteed to be in stock at that particular store until 10am. Especially if the store is Wal-Mart, and the game is Bomberman Generations, for the Gamecube.

Sometimes, I think unix is

Sometimes, I think unix is like magic. Playing with configuration files and .rc files has to be one of the most fun things I’ve done at my job. It’s especially fun to “source” your .tcshrc file and watch the magical changes happen! I’m sure this kind of thing would get old if it were something I had to do more than even once a week, but for now, I’m content changing my prompt on occasion… just for kicks!

This is similar to the way I feel about programming in general. I’d like to do more of it. I probably wouldn’t even mind being assigned more of it, but right now–because I do it so little–I’m like a kid in a candy store playing with php…that is, until the big awful server caches your script in some naughty bad way, and you can’t see your changes. Then I get frustrated, and want to kick the server. But my terminal doesn’t allow for physical bludgeoning, so I take a deep breath… and wait. Maybe the comments will look better… someday.

My archives are totally fucked

My archives are totally fucked up, and I have no idea what’s happening. I think it really is time to start using movable type or something. This is rediculous. Every time I go to the “archive template” area on blogger, I get a “page cannot be displayed” error.

I don’t know what it is about monday mornings, possibly just that I never get enough sleep, but damn I’m tired, and I haven’t been able to focus on much of anything yet. Plus, it’s fucking cold outside (and rainy, which normally I would enjoy) and inside, where you would expect the temperature to at least reflect some amount of warmth, the AC is on! Are we fucking popsicles that we need refrigeration?

I feel like crying myself to sleep.

On the freeway swimming upstream toward work

I am almost disappointed that the new moby album is good. I had kinda planned on not getting it, because I don’t really like that song they’re playing on the radio.

one thing I really hate: when a weekend feels like work. Tasks for this weekend: get groceries, wash clothes. OK, that’s not that long a list, but Laura has about 20 things that she would like to tack onto it, plus, there are another 20 “fun” things we have scheduled (party tonight, unicycling and museum this afternoon…) I just feel crowded for time.

Here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago… this is 2.0, and much more coherent.


“Give us today our daily commute.” -the faint

On the freeway swimming upstream toward work
morning after morning Hiroshima on 394
little pollution gas light on
velvet mufler–divine spedometer
nursing my clutch
addicted to airbag
humming to the radio
like some dashboard freekshow
safety-cracks in my sanity.


the world is my crash-test-dummy. w00t.