On monday I got a

On monday I got a call at work from a stranger. Stranger still, that person was from Drive 105, and they gave me a pair of tickets to see Moby tonight at the Roy Wilkins in St. Paul. Needless to say, that’s where I’m headed.

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  1. LOL… Judging from those who sat around me, it’s an amazingly diverse population who call into those radio contests, (but actually I signed up to win at the taste of MN).

    The concert itself was so-so, but I ran into about three separate groups of people I knew, so that was fun.

    Oh, and our seats were Row Q… in the balcony. Of course we sat in the first available seats, but when we actually looked back at where we were suppose to have sat, the seats were all covered with some kind of black plastic! There’s no way we could have sat up there!!

    Fri 10:18

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