I have the capacity to

I have the capacity to do nothing but whine and complain. Where did this come from? Laura said the other day she think she’s rubbing off on me, and that’s what it is. Earlier this week I just thought I was depressed… I have another theory: MY JOB IS SUCKING MY WILL TO LIVE.

But then again, maybe I’m just being a drama queen.

Update: On a related note, along with this general life-dissatisfaction, I have also lost all interest in science, arts, and politics. In general, anything not directly and immediately effecting my being. For instance, when I get a new magazine in the mail, I try and spend at least an hour pouring over it, when I get the chance. This week, I have a new wired in my backpack, and it’s sat there, unread, for several days now.

Update to my update: I never had any interest in politics. To have suggested I did was a lie.

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