There are other ways to

There are other ways to do this. Try some of them.

I am not trying nearly enough new things. Hell, I am not really trying anything new here. This is all pretty standard. My life, some of it, my reactions to various things, my experiences, some of them. Throw in the occasional poem, and there you have it, boring as fuck.

I’ve got to get off blogger, and create my own contraption. I like blogger, I love blogger, but I want more control, and I want to do things differently. Hell, I’ve been meaning to experiment with “pure” css layout for months now, and the only things I’ve done have all been for WORK. I have all next week off, but I’m going to be moving. Spending most of the time in the new house. I have no idea if I’ll get around to it, but I’d really like to tackle a blogger-like application. Or rather, a movable type type application, since I will not be allowing others to use my services. I will however, if anyone should eventually care, allow them to use my code.

I also need to take more literary license. This prose stuff is just too boring.

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  1. Thank you everso for your comments. Be expecting an e-mail from me just as soon as I have the time to root around and find your addy.

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