Here we are. Friday. Nice

Here we are. Friday. Nice day for a blog entry.

The move was chaos and disorder. Borderline disaster. I’ve owned a house now for more than a week. Already I’ve had to call a plumber. He gave me a free estimate, and I sent him on his way (the problem will doubtless occur again, but wasn’t happening while he was here, so whatever…)

Otherwise, the process has been all sweat and no tears.

I walk around at night… (after a week without work, I’m again waking up at 1:00pm, and going to bed around 4:00am) …and I think about how all the windows are on the ground level… and how we keep them open so it’s cooler. I can’t see outside, and I freak myself out thinking someone could be in the yard, ready to break in. I never imagined I’d be so freaked out by the thought of a burglar. I don’t know why it bugs me.

Maybe because we don’t know whether to pay the $30/month to have our home security system monitored. (We have no idea how to use it right now, I should figure that out, even if we’re not going to have it monitored.)

Perhaps there is some malicious burglar reading this, even now…