“I want to feel *abnormally* kinky”

quote of the day: “I don’t just want to feel kinky, I want to feel *abnormally* kinky” -Yami

After an afternoon skirting around, and blatantly approaching the topic of sexuality between far too much work over ICQ has gotten to my head. I need to go home and “lay down”. This is a pathetic shadow of the post that I meant to make, but I’ve suddenly started thinking about audience again, and wonder exactly how many of you want to hear about (or more likely, will get neasous from hearing about) my sex life.

good day.

bah, archives work like 20%

bah, archives work like 20% of the time. I’m switching to mt as soon as I have a night free… I want to write my own, but I just don’t have time.

Ren fest starts this weekend, and I have no time for that either. I’ve felt so busy in the last week that I’m keeping a list of things to do… I carry it with me everywhere in my pocket, and unfortunately, I think of more things faster than I’m doing them. So far, the only thing I’ve checked off has been to register to vote at my new address, and change my address on my driver’s lisence. That really only counts as one thing, because I did them both at the same time. Work sucks, and promises to be even busier than today.

Tonight I’m going to volunteer for national poetry slam. I’m excited to see the contestants. Yay for poetry, even if it is in slam form…

This week is automobile news

This week is automobile news week, I guess. Today’s tidbit: I got my oil changed for the first time. It wasn’t all that exciting, I don’t know why you would care.

I have too much work to do, and I just want to go home. bleh.

When I arrived at the

When I arrived at the tire/service place last night, the little donut tire was still on my front left side. Clearly something was wrong. Apparently there was a simple miscommunication and nobody told the guy doing my muffler that the whole reason I was there was for two new tires.

I left in a very new minivan. The minivan was nice, it even had air conditioning. I traded it back for my car at lunch. My car now turns better (doesn’t squeal around corners), sounds quieter (doesn’t roar like some kind of retarded motorcycle), and also smells faintly of burning from under the hood. (I looked, and couldn’t actually see where the smell is coming from. It may have been a fluke.)

I should have asked about an oil change, but forgot.

$300 poorer, my total car expenditure is now $750.

On my way to work

On my way to work this morning, a loud noise began building from the front of my car. I pulled off the side of the road, scared the thing was going to blow up at me, or that it would cost hundreds of dollars to fix. (I already knew my exhaust was leaking, which was loud enough, so some amount of repair was in order, but the car was cheap, I didn’t want to spend too much.)

When I got out of the car there was a nice surprise waiting for me… it was only a flat tire! I proceeded to call work and let them know I’d be late while I searched for my jack.

Jack? What’s that? Apparently you don’t get a jack when your car cost you $450.

Just as I was about to stretch the boundaries of my co-worker’s generosity, a truck pulled up behind me. The side of the truck read “Highway Relief” and was branded Minnesota State Something-Or-Other. The man driving the truck was very nice and changed the tire for me while I stood there watching like an idiot. He had to beat the damn thing with a mallet after removing the bolts to get it off, but even with that added work it took him less than five minutes. When I put the beat up flat in my trunk, he warned me that the serrated edges would be sharp, and I apparently didn’t take his advice seriously enough, because when I looked down at my hands, I was starting to bleed from a scrape I hadn’t even felt myself getting.

When I asked if I was going to be charged for the service, he said he was part of Minn Dot, and that my taxes had already paid for it!

That was a nice surprise.

Five minutes later, I’m sitting in the lobby of the Tire Services Etc joint right across the freeway from where I work. (That’s not really their name, but I have no idea what it is.) They gave me an estimate for the exhaust that seemed reasonable, and I got a ride from a coworker, leaving the car there for the day.

All in all, it was quite the experience. My first car tragedy.

This afternoon I’ve been trying

This afternoon I’ve been trying to find a resource that may or may not exist. I recently purchased a Daewoo 5800 (slightly modified) on ebay. This baby plays everything, region free, macrovision free, and so many formats that I’m salivating just thinking about it.

I’ve heard that there are lots of DVDs only released in other regions. Buffy the vampire slayer, for example, is only on season 2 here, but in the UK they’re up to season 6 or something! I have no interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I did find out that Delicatessen has only been released on DVD in region 2. Anyway, I’m looking for a guide to cross-region DVD releases.

I’ve found a couple of sites that compare various DVD releases, but these sites wouldn’t even list Delicatessen, because it’s only been released once! (Well, one of them lists it, because technically there is a French release, and a UK release.)

I’ve also been really jonsing for an x-box. I don’t want to give any money Microsoft… so getting one new is out, and buying a refurb too. Unfortunately, used x-boxes are kinda rare. I’d actually have thought they’d be more common, just because they’re not selling as well, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Ebay may just be the only real option out there.

Of course, I really shouldn’t be buying anything. I did just buy a house.

Today I feel like vomiting.

Today I feel like vomiting. Everything is particularly sickening, and everything is dramatic. I don’t want to do anything, and I don’t want to pretend to do anything.

They replaced my phone at work, and the headset is AGAIN one of the filthiest things I’ve ever seen.

I’m depressed, and I’m unproductive, two insufferable qualities that leave me wanting to throw myself out a window. Plus, I’m fishing for pity, which is fucking pathetic.

I played a game of darts, and I came in last.

I’m leaving early. Fuck it.

Life is about rich and

Life is about rich and satisfying experiences.

I think you have to balance the fullness of your moments against those moments you save up to be more full. Obviously I’m talking about vacations and things (purchases that supposedly enhance those moments when you can use them), but I’m talking about other stuff too. Big things, life changing things. Choices about jobs and relationships, and compromises of all sorts.

Life is, arguably, compromise after compromise. It is the degree of compromise that helps determine your satisfaction.

I don’t know why. But why is important.

To be listed in the

To be listed in the category “things everyone should know”:

Where do “Work from Home” signs come from?

It’s a long read, and you may want to skip to the conclusion once you get the gist of it.

Personally, I feel much wiser having read it. Recently, I was doing some postering for the National Poetry Slam, and I (naturally, I thought) put posters up on all the telephone poles in the neighborhood. Less than a day later I got a call telling me that it was illegal. I’d always assumed it wasn’t, since there are always those annoying “loose weight in 40 days” signs everywhere. I’ve always wondered where those and the “work from home” signs came from… and now I know they’re from the same place.

The world is small, but I am insignificant.