While I’m talking about juggling,

While I’m talking about juggling, let me say that it’s a mixed bag. Like anything you do, you’re good at it sometimes, and other times you just suck.

Tonight I was ok. Sunday, I was terrible.

Sunday afternoon, I went to see cirque again. 2 for 1 tickets courtesy of dan, who worked as an usher. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Made me want to do something, anything, for cirque du soleil. I would run lights, sound, backstage makeup, clean the theater, or be a fucking usher… just made me want to be a part of it.

But then we bustled out to fest right after, brought along my friend Kristin to watch me play volley club. I sucked. No, to say I sucked is an understatement. To do badly, you have to at least DO. I just didn’t. I basically just stood there and dropped the club whenever it came to me.

It’s like a performance, volley club. And I choked, big time.

Anyway, tonight was practice. Monday nights at the neverthriving.

I played some good combat, and flashed six balls a few more times. I don’t really know why I care, but suddenly I really want to be able to do six balls. It’s just that one tiny step more impressive than five, and all of a sudden–for the first time–it seems remotely possible… remotely.

So yeah, performance sucks. But I would give my left leg to be a part of cirque du soleil. Go figure.

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