This past weekend will live

This past weekend will live in my puny brain as memorable for many reasons. I am not going to go into those reasons, other than to say that there was some nudity involved, a hot tub, and much drunken kissing.

Today is one of those hot and windy fall days. The kind that screams that fall is fast approaching, but does not (yet) blow leaves across the streets and sidewalks.

I just want to sit on a concrete slab downtown, and people watch.
I feel diffuse and exuberant.
Tonight we are juggling fire.

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  1. Wait. There was drunken hot tub snogging and nobody told me? Grrrrriiiiiid!

    I can’t complain, honestly. As there was a puppy pile behind VJ. If you’ve never been in a puppy piple, it’s exactly like an orgy, only replace the hardcore sex with a lot of giggling.

    Thu 10:28

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