pre-party disaster scenarios

well, the party is tomorrow. The mouse smell has, inextricably, disappeared. The house is much cleaner than it was (although we anticipate spending all day tomorrow cleaning). It’s friday afternoon, close to quittin’ time, and I just ate (a very late) lunch. I feel good.

I’ve been feeling jittery about the party. I shared this with at least one of you already (sorry peter), but this morning I woke up and started imagining disaster scenarios. Maybe this is a sign I’m not suppose to host parties, I don’t know.

Basically, I was walking around upstairs in my room, which has a creaky floor. I suddenly had this vivid scenario run through my head where the “breaking the elevator by trying to see how many people we can fit in it” thing happened to our house. My room was full of people, and suddenly it collapsed. (Strangely, I didn’t imagine all the people in the kitchen downstairs crushed and dying, just the ones upstairs falling to their deaths. But even more chilling was the rest of the horrific fantasy, where we lived out the rest of the winter with giant opaque plastic sheets between the livingroom and the snow outside. *shudder*

I have to clarify that I was not consciously fantasizing about this. It was more like one of those dreams you have while just waking up. After you’ve opened your eyes, but before your brain makes that jump into consciousness.

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  1. Meg sucks more than me. But I suck too. Let’s have a little party all our own. Meg, Me and Grid. We’ll call it a threesome and everyone will be jealous.

    When will we do it?

  2. Yes, it was fun. Nobody passed out, thankfully. Notable drunks were a) my brother Dan, who someone asked me to make sure didn’t bicycle home, and b) our friend Colin, who may have been drunk when he showed up at 8:30, we’re not sure.

    I don’t think anybody really made out either, although there was lots of talk of penises, and loving penises, mostly thanks to Nate’s shirt. Our friend Mellissa was pretty obsessed with seeing penises, but nobody took her up on it. (We’re all intimidated by stories of her boyfriend’s girth anyway.)

    OK mopsa, we can have a little party just for you. I’m going to be out of town from Wed till sunday, but sometime after then. Maybe we can watch our only DVD housewarming gift… the movie Threesome!

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