stumbling down to texas for x-mas

Laura and I are going to visit her parents in Texas. I’m excited about this trip for a couple of reasons… SCUBA and NASA. Two acronyms I’ve always wanted to try. One I can remember what it stands for, one I cannot. One I will get to try this weekend, (and one I will only get to see). I guess it doesn’t make all that much sense to try NASA (although it does sound like some kind of new ad campaign), but it would be fun, wouldn’t it!?

I bought the gameboy Metroid Fusion just for the trip, so I won’t be going entirely cold-metroid-turkey. Just in case I haven’t mentioned this lately, Metroid Prime is one of the greatest games of all time. I have now played it for over twice as long as Nate has (I started first), but I’m only about 5 or 10 percent farther along than he is (I think I’m at about fifty-percent).

So who knows if I’ll update in the next week… I certainly have no idea what to expect. Laura thinks they might have DSL. I’m sure you can expect a full report when I return. I just hope things stay fairly secular. I haven’t really thought about what I’d do if they wanted me to go to church. They’re mormon after all… wish me luck!

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