jobs, more jobs and lack of jobs

I have good news and bad news. They’re the same news. In a nutshell: Laura got laid off yesterday. She worked at a photo lab (a “professional” photo lab), and now that their busy season is over, they had to let some people go. She’d been there for over a year, but she was still on the lower end in terms of seniority. (I guess the year before they actually took out a loan in order to keep all their employees. An observation made questionable by the fact that they also spent lots of money last year on new equipment.) She did some (half) of their digital work, although she’d been hired originally just as a front desk position.

Frankly, I always felt she was way overqualified for the job, as she has a BA in Fine Arts (emphasis on Photography), and had worked previously full time doing portrait photography.

<obligatory plug> Anyway, if anybody reading this knows of anyone in the Twin Cities area looking for photographers, (or digital artists), let us know. <end plug, on with semi-interesting content>

So… I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but by some strange coincidence, yesterday was also Nate’s last day where he worked. Nate is one of the luckiest sons of bitches in my esteem right now. They closed his store (he was an assistant retail manager), and offered him a $6000 severance package. Then, (after the severance offer, I think) they offered him a position at another store. Needless to say, he wanted the $6K, so he turned it down. This all happened about a month ago. Two days later, he had another job lined up — that bastard.

This weekend, Laura and I will be unicycling in the torchlight parade in St. Paul. Look for the bald guy juggling torches. (Actually, I’ll probably be wearing a hat.)

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