This is pretty random.

Mopsa’s post about weddings made me want to tell all my wedding stories. I have two. Total. I’ll spare you most of them though. Yes, I’ve only ever been to two weddings in my life. The first one I was a groomsman, and the second was only just this last weekend. Have I mentioned on here yet that I caught Laura looking at rings online the other night? She actually called me over to look at some of the ones she liked. Everyone but her insists this is some kind of hint. Of course she denies it.

Yesterday in the car my mom asked me if I’d done anything with my website lately. I guess it is her homepage (which I found kinda sweet, till she said that was because she didn’t know how to change it). I put up a link to thorsday from there today. There was an awkward moment (probably only for me) when I wanted to tell her about this, but didn’t.

Last night I picked up a bunch of new CDs. The most exciting one, (at least at the moment) is the first release from the umbrella sequence. They’re quite reminiscent of the last couple of radiohead albums… which is a good thing in my opinion. I’ve listened to the album twice this afternoon, and it’s great so far. I wish I’d made it to their CD release party, which was the 15th of last month or something.

I also picked up a pretty decent album of The Faint remixes, and yo la tengo’s latest. I need to listen to both of those more before I can comment authoritatively.