bookend sesquipedalian entry… ha!

morning ripened like slightly smelly fruit
fuzzy on the underside and your fingers sink into it
but my fingers aren’t sinking into this morning

a dance song stuck in my head, with it
images of strobe lights and multicolored disco-ball trails
dancing girls and DJs with blurry fingers


I got into the EVE beta test. I’ve been playing it the last two nights… It seems to suffer from the same sort of hurry-up-and-wait mentality that all the other MMORPGs I’ve ever seen have suffered from. A lot of moving around doing nothing. I was talking about the whole mining setup (one of the basic tasks a newbie can perform) yesterday with a co-worker, and he compared it to starcraft… in starcraft, you perform essentially the same sort of mineral collection, but you do it by clicking on a peon, and right clicking on a place to mine… it takes about 2 seconds, and you keep getting minerals until your mine runs out. In EVE, you are the peon. And it takes ten to twenty minutes to go get a patch of minerals, which you then have to “refine” before you can sell. (actually, that’s not true, you can sell it before hand, but you make more $ if you refine it.)

I haven’t decided if doing the other more “mission type” objectives is any more exciting. Plus, last night before I logged off, one of my characters was basically just crashing the program every time I logged in with him. (The other one seemed to work fine.)

The song in my head/poem fragment is by the faint. Their new remix cd is awesome.


spurge on words, winded like ginsburg
tongue a flabby malapropism flirtation
obfuscation by sesquipedalian obscurity

we are it. the end of it. a new form.
we also begin. our arrows point up. (noses too?)
let go. join us in space.