I guess I don’t live in the best neighborhood.

So� yesterday I had left my laptop in my car. I guess there is a longish untold story about how the upgrade to 10.2.5 killed my laptop, but I�ll just leave it at that. Point is, bringing it to the apple store is on my list of things to do, and that�s why it was in the car. Over the course of the day, I thought a couple of times about how I shouldn�t have left it in the car.

I didn�t end up finding time to go to the apple store, and came right home after work to hang out with a friend and go to unicycle practice. The friend was already here, and I came inside, bringing my laptop with me, leaving, as I always do, my mp3 playing diskman in the car, where it�s lived since Laura bought it for me about six months ago.

In the 45-minute interval that I was inside, someone smashed in my passenger side window and took the diskman. Fortunately, they didn�t take any of the (count them) THREE CD carrying case thingies that were strewn randomly around the car. (There is usually only one, but everyone who went on the trip to Chicago this last weekend brought their own, and nobody took them from the car.)

I wish I knew what CD was in the diskman. I�m afraid that it was Radiohead�s Kid-A, which is one of my all-time favorite albums, and I only just recently found in Laura�s CD carrying case thingy after thinking it was lost for ages. Obviously, the window is going to cost more to replace than the diskman. (I only have liability. I�m going to call today about it, but I have the suspicion that it doesn�t cover glass or theft.)

After the discovery, I called the police, who showed up fairly promptly, and filed a �statistical� report of the theft. (She was straightforward about how little they could do in a case like this.) I didn�t end up going to unicycling, and instead we watched Spirited Away, which Nate recently purchased on DVD.

I guess the whole point about the laptop is obvious enough. I sure am glad I brought it in with me when I got home. (Despite the fact that currently it�s a fifteen-hundred dollar paperweight.)

This morning, just before I woke up, I dreamt I was teaching someone to play chess.

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  1. Man, you are lucky. I had my car broken into 3 times last summer and fall. Each time something different was stolen. The last time my car was accosted the radio was the target, and since they couldn’t get it out they just trashed my dashboard and interior. If there’s one thing I hate more than a crook, it’s an inept crook.

  2. thanks everyone. I replaced the window on Saturday, (my dad bought me an old one from a junk yard). It took us about an hour to do, but I had such a sense of accomplishment, that it was almost worth the price of my diskman. (Although probably not worth the price of a new Radiohead CD… wait, how does that make sense?)

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