When I pull into the parking lot in the morning, and a good song comes on the radio, what do I do? Do I turn the song off and walk inside? No! I continue to listen to the song, bobbing my head, and no doubt looking like an idiot. Many fellow employees (especially the ones I have never seen before,) will walk by and think I am deranged.

This is not so personal. Here is a more personal tidbit. Sometimes in the morning when I’ve looked at porn just before bed the previous evening, I will see flashes of porn just behind my eyes much like I see flashes of some video game I’ve been playing regularly. Lately I’ll close my eyes and see a chess board, but this morning it’s two women smacking each other’s asses — in the corner of the elevator, in the building lobby, and then standing next to my cube like I’m stuck in an episode of girls gone wild meets office space.

I think these “flashes” are as close as I’ve ever come to hallucinations. Even though there’s a pretty clear distinction between them and reality, I’m not consciously willing them into existence. Maybe I’m just sleep deprived, and my brain is still trying to dream, despite the best intentions of my alarm clock.

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  1. that doesn’t sound so bad really. i always used to see tetris for hours after having a round, but it’s never happened with porn. you’re a lucky man.

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