peep peep goes the easter bunny!

OK, so here’s a story I haven’t told yet. My desk is the color of sunflowers, cans of lemon-scented-anything, non-gender-specific baby showers, and the sun. Yes, it’s yellow. But why is it yellow?! Because it’s covered in boxes of peeps!

You know what I’m talking about, I’ve posted about them before.

It’s no secret that I love these little marshmallow babies, but this was all made possible by someone I don’t even know (and his kids)!

I guess this guy at work won a year’s supply of peeps. You can see his kid’s winning easter basket submission here.

When he brought a box of 5 peeps for everyone in the building, I guess he had a lot left over, and since everyone knew I liked them, I got about 20 boxes on my desk before I got in that morning.

This was about a week ago, and my cube is still peepsville, Peep City, peep central.

Normally I would eat about a box a day, but for the past week (mostly due to this toothache) I haven’t eaten hardly any at all. Just now I ate about three of these succulent sugar-chicks, and suddenly I feel dizzy. Light headed even. I’m about to leave for the day, so lets hope I can make it home in one peep… I mean piece.

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