tar, baby!

OK, so roofing went like this: We got up there about noon on Thursday. The sky was gray, but in a way that only hinted at rain, didn’t shout it or anything, so we decided not to do the whole quarter-roof as we’d planned. Instead, we just tore off the shingles from the part of the roof that was obviously water damaged, (sagging in about three or four inches from the rest of the roof). Once we were under the three layers of shingles (plus a layer of shingle-like ice dam near the edge of the roof, so four layers for most of it, and one of the layers were those old wooden cedar shingles) we hit wood that was so wet and rotting that much of it felt and broke away like wet paper in you hands.

We cut out the offending paper-wood, and put in about three layers of plywood in its stead (to put it up to the same level as the rest of the roof). Then we put on some new shingles, using copious tar as we went, and that was it. I missed the TCUC parade I was suppose to be in that night, but we had everything cleaned up and had even eaten dinner by sundown (which was about nine oÂ’clock). I felt a hefty sense of accomplishment, and rewarded myself with some Baileys on the rocks and episode VIII of Cosmos, (which I almost stayed awake for).

That night it rained, but I’m not sure how much. There was no sign of drippage in the laundry room, but I’ll reserve judgment till after the next big rainstorm.

It was a good day. The next day, Friday, we were done with my roof, so my dad convinced me to go help him with his. There was no cloud cover, and the sun was scorching. He was lucky to have my brother and I up there (on this huge garage he put in at one of his rental properties) for about an hour and a half before we bailed. I took him to take his driver’s test, but we didn’t have a reservation, and only showed up about 2 minutes before they closed, so it was no dice.

Saturday, I have no idea where the day went, but KR and I were scheduled to perform at balls. She asked me to write this piece for her to dance to, and I think it turned out better than I thought it had immediately after writing it. We got lots of compliments, but she did invite her whole family, and a bunch of her friendsÂ… it was fun anyway. I’m excited to see the video that a friend of hers took with his professional setup.

Finally, we’re to today. I slept until 2:30 (balls goes ridiculously late, and I didnÂ’t get in bed till 4am). I played some Zelda: Wind Waker, and then we went to Fujiya for dinner. I still have a hint of wasabi in the back of my mouth somewhere, but maybe its just stuck in those stupid wisdom tooth holes.

2 Replies to “tar, baby!”

  1. There’s a whole new career right there!

    Next time you perform at Balls–you better send an email, mister.

    I’m just sayin. . .

  2. I’m confused about which part is the career… reading poetry for ballet, or the roofing? Either way, I don’t think I’d want to do them full time. And I will try to remember to let you know the next time I perform at Balls.

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