friendster is a stupid waste of time

from my profile:

I try to defy easy description. I am opinionated and brash. I forget names
as I hear them. I think too much, and think I think too little. I am a loser.
I have no time for losers. I have no time for anything.

UPDATE: I guess it doesn’t work to link directly to your friendster profile unless the linkee(???) is already logged in.

2 Replies to “friendster is a stupid waste of time”

  1. So I was going to get in on all this Friendster action I keep seeing parodies of… but it’s all kinds of broken. Someone was overdesigning, or something. Ho hum.

  2. I think it’s probably just the over-saturation of their server/connection. It seems like it’s down just about every other time I try to log in… just fyi.

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