Today is long like a bullet wound.

Work sucks my cock, my computer at home is playing dumb, and I have a load of bills to pay that is literally three inches thick.

A little patience, yeah… yeah.

I hate that song, and Axle Rose is a moron. (But somehow it’s still stuck in my head.)

I tried to think of more stuff to complain about, but then realized that life is pretty good. (Nice how that worked out.) Laura has been a saint the last couple of days, (claiming she’s making up for her grumpiness all weekend, but I wonder if she isn’t just a little jealous). I told her that I’d write her that poem about the elusive soft shelled turtle. This weekend we’re sojourning to Chicago for Verakai.

My mind is mush.

Underlying subtext of this entry’s title (which I am now making not so “sub”(tle)): I am nervous (no doubt needlessly) about an impending “date” tonight. I got an email from her and we are now hanging out with a friend of hers. Not that we ever explicitly made exclusive plans, explicitly or exclusively. There is always that (irrational) fear that the friend is really more of a chaperone.

[Poem Question: Was it at all obvious that Ms Turtle is, in fact, a clitoris? UPDATE: I’ve split this entry off into two entries, one with the poem, one without. Should have done this before I posted, but I’ll bet nobody noticed!]

5 Replies to “Today is long like a bullet wound.”

  1. notice, marty, that my friend was indeed no chaperone. and we certainly didn’t even hang out with her. it was just you and i…focusing…patiently…focused.

  2. ahh, inside jokes in a blog comment! This may be a first on my blog!

    The “date” speaks the truth. My fears were proven unfounded, and the night was pleasantly not squandered!

  3. i don’t know when you found time to post a comment. your methods of distraction prove once again to be absolutely amazing. as for inside jokes…the inside is nothing to joke about, marty. i hope your day at home is going quite well. think of me.

  4. How can someone that drips sass from their electric lips as you do deny yourself the so-obviously-earned title of sexy? (BTW, don’t imagine for a second I didn’t appreciate the “inside joke joke”.)

  5. don’t know what to say. i suppose that i just will refuse to believe whatever you may say about me. the good, the bad and anything else. but especially the good. didn’t we agree to disagree? who knows anymore. not me. you have your ways and i have mine. and now i am babbling again.

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