relax and swing

Last night at juggling the phrase of the night was “relax and swing”. Apparently this is the phrase a friend and fellow juggler uses to teach club juggling to people who haven’t done it before. You have to “relax” your arm with the club in hand to your side, and then “swing” it back up toward the other hand, releasing the club into the air. Maybe the phrase should be “relax, swing and release”, that would be even funnier.

Anyway, juggling sexual euphemisms abound, but this one was new to me.

Here are’s related definitions:

a. To be lively, trendy, and exciting.
b. To engage freely in promiscuous sex.
c. To exchange sex partners. Used especially of married couples.
d. To have a sexual orientation toward one or both sexes.

I think the last one is the most funny. Doesn’t everyone have a sexual orientation toward one or both sexes?

Relax and swing, baby. Relax and swing.

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  1. woah! You did? I had no idea. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever even SEEN you at neverthriving. Whether that’s an indication more of how old you are, or how young I am, I have no idea. ;)

  2. Well, I haven’t been there in a few years. The heart of my time at Neverthriving was back in the days of Disco & Leif, IJA in Rapid City, and Mondo 8-10. The wife, by the way, is Ren (who was also at the juggling school at Fest). Back when Roo and I were partners. Of course, Thumper isn’t exactly my real name… Chris Riga would be the real one.

  3. the minnesota neverthriving is the local juggling meeting that’s been happening every monday night since way before I ever started juggling.

    Thumper: I knew who you are, silly. And I do think I saw you out at fest the one weekend you were there, but I totally forgot that you don’t even live in this state anymore. (or I’d have maybe said ‘hi’ or something. sorry about that.) And I’ve met your wife before… but I just don’t think I ever knew she was a juggler, and certainly didn’t know she was out at the juggling school!

    What I don’t know is who this roo person is/was, and whether (it sounds like) you used to perform out there…?

    Ahh, so fascinating, our lives on display.

  4. Such is life. That weekend was rather busy. We kept being torn one way then another, trying to see everyone. We’ll just pretend we said ‘hi!’. And I couldn’t be sure if you remembered…ya never know. ;)

    Roo = Andy Rose. We never performed at Fest, just stuck with the Fencing Booth. Less pay, but much more fun. And it lets me wear a kilt. Ever try to pass 8 with under the legs in a kilt? Trust me, not worth the effort.

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