playing catchup

I lamed out on the Thursday night low concert. I basically decided I’d go on Friday instead of seeing the Umbrella Sequence. There were numerous advantages to this proposition, one of which was that I wouldn’t be spending any money until payday.

Of course, then Friday night came around, and I decided I’d rather see Umbrella Sequence anyway. I’ve seen low before, and while I know it’s a good show, I’ve also been meaning to see Umbrella Sequence for a while now. And they were not disappointing. It was at the Uptown Bar, and I’d never been there before either. Remind me not to eat there again though. It was not bad, but overpriced, and greasy.

Saturday I basically lounged about the whole day, and finally got up off my butt to go see Junior Senior around 7:30. I got to the theater as the doors were opening, but there were signs everywhere that said the show was sold out. So I walked over to let it be, and bought myself a few Cds to commiserate. I’d been meaning to pick up the new Her Space Holiday CD, the young machines and it’s awesome. I also picked up the new Fluke album, puppy (import only, this bastard cost me $25), but it is an excellent album as well. Then, of course, while I’m in the store, they’re playing something I’ve never heard of before, that I absolutely must have… an album by Ulrich Schnauss, called A Strangely Isolated Place. Also damn good.

Sunday, Laura and I went shopping downtown. I meant to spend a gift certificate that’s been sitting in my backpack for months now… $50 at Eddie Bower. You can see how often I get into that store. Anyway, we ran out of time between Target and Marshal Fields (Laura gets a discount at both), so it just wasn’t in the cards. I ended up buying Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, and Majestic Chess, a PC chess game with an “adventure” mode I wanted to try out. It’s pretty fun so far. You basically have to go around and beat chess puzzles and quizzes to acquire your chess set. (You don’t play full games till the end of each level, when you usually have your full set–at least, that’s how it’s worked so far.)

My only qualm about the weekend was that I didn’t get to play enough Morrowind. I’m hoping to make up for that either tonight or tomorrow.

In more web-related news… I read Eric Meyer when I think of it, but just today I noticed his “presentation” links on the right hand side of the page. Pretty sweet stuff, that. I love the Matrix theme. I sent this link to my friend xomina, and he pointed me to a page with pure css menus. Pretty mind boggling CSS. Man, why can’t I do more of this kind of shit at my job?

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