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Today is Laura’s birthday! I was thinking about blogging about what I’m going to buy her over my lunch hour (because what I really got her didn’t ship till yesterday, and is obviously not going to get here on time), but there’s always the possibility that she’ll read it. I managed not to spoil my surprise last night in bed so it’d be a shame to do it now.

So… on Wednesday, instead of writing an entry, I spent an hour re-arranging, deleting, and adding blog links. They’re split up into 3 sub-categories now, people I know, blogs I would read every day if I could read blogs every day, and the rest. Some of the first category would no doubt end up in the second category, but it’d be no fair telling which ones.

Last night I forced my mom and sister to watch the first matrix movie in half-preparation for the third installment. I have no real excuse for not blogging. Lack of muse, I suppose. Nothing quite like writing about what you didn’t write about yesterday! (Someone shoot me, please.)

The sheer number of birthdays in this week’s near vicinity is overwhelming. Why do birthdays always clump up? (I thought about this question for a minute, thinking “Oh yeah, I know why everyone has birthdays in the beginning of September… it’s because New Year’s is nine months earlier.” Well, guess what’s nine months earlier than October 14th? I’ll give you a hint, it’s our favorite ten letter V word.) Anyway, last Sunday was my mom’s, (shared by not one, but two co-workers). And in the next week sometime is my brother Dan’s. Then November 8th is Nate’s. I know what I’m getting for Nate too, but I’m really not sure about my brother yet.

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