information good?

Astute readers will have noticed that I now have an “about” category.

I’m up right now because our cat, around this time every morning it seems, decides to start knocking shit over. Perhaps she does it to wake me up. Well, it’s worked this morning, and she’s taking her five-minute time-out in the bathroom, even though the CD player appears to work fine now, no harm done.

And so I wanted to write about myself. Just so the only thing in my about category wasn’t an incredibly stupid list of questions and answers. But it’s not coming out that way, really. It’s been more about my cat, and her contributions to my insomnia. The question becomes–do my cats define me? No, I don’t think this post will qualify.

It’s 7:00am. I usually sleep another two hours. But is it worth going back to bed for what will probably be a fitful one and a half hours more? Yes. The answer is yes. Sleep is always worth it. And I don’t have family dinner tonight. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll just sleep till I wake up, and work later to compensate.

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