lost in translations

Watched Lost in Translation last night. I wish the DVD actually had translations on it for the parts that really were lost. Laura wouldn’t have let me watch it with those turned on till we’d seen the movie the “intended” way first, but when I went back after to try it with the English (for the hearing impaired) subtitles on, it just says things like [talks in Japanese] when they’re talking in Japanese.

For a few scenes, I really felt frustrated because of this. Especially the scene in the Hospital with the two women in the back laughing so hard, I really felt like I just wasn’t getting the joke. I guess that was obviously the point. Now that I think about it, that’s not a feeling that I have experienced from a movie before, and I suppose is interesting and worthwhile. Of course, that won’t stop me from going to google to find out what was said. (But I won’t say anything about what I’ve found, because I know of at least one person who will read this before he sees the movie. Jason, that’s you. No googling now. ;)

Anyway, some aspects of the movie really were brilliant. Visuals were stunning. Acting was great. It deserves lots of awards.

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  1. ditto. I’m with you on this one – one of the few movies I insisted on seeing in the theater, and I was happy I did. I was surprised at how controlled the “alienation” feeling was – just enough to get it, not enough to lose interest.

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