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Peet is pretty much nearly my favorite writer. I spent twenty minutes looking at hard drive enclosures and MMC cards on ebay before I decided I’d better get on with it and update this shithole. A few minutes on Peet’s blog for inspiration, and I was back at it, wanting to do something with my life… Or anyways, update this fucker.

I played Crystal Chronicles tonight with, D, and G, and man… I admit I was sucked in, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t plunk down my fifty. I’d maybe buy it for $30 used or something.

Before that, I stopped at the fetus and signed over a lung and two kidneys for the four aforementioned desired CDs. I was in the store for an hour, and (as my co-worker put it) it was payday today… (well, yesterday now). I’d picked up six or seven CDs that weren’t the ones on my list and for various reasons put them all back again. By the time I was ready to check out, I riffed through the ones still in my hands, and low and behold, it was exactly the four CDs I’d come into the store with the intention of purchasing. I’m honestly not sure how that worked.

So yeah, latest craze, ripping my CD collection to mp3. I’m not sure how big this puppy’s gonna get, but I’m aiming for ALL the CDs, so I imagine it’ll be upwards of 50gigs.

There is this weird phenomenon I want to write about involving coding and reading poetry (and how the two don’t seem all that compatible), but after writing these last few paragraphs, I’m not feeling particularly articulate. Maybe I’ve said enough on the subject already. I’m awash with nothingness and less-than-sweet nothings.

“Let the day take you.”

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  1. Chronicals will still be fun, but I admit I wouldn’t mind waiting for it to come down in price. What four CD’s are you talking about? If they were back in another post that’s mean. I don’t want to have to go back and sift to find out what you’re talking about…

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