science class

Today at work I engaged in a sporadic conversation about “squirting”, (or female ejaculation). Click “more” to read the graphic details!

The discussion was prompted by someone recounting an episode of “Family Business” (a reality TV show about porn star Seymour Butts) where they were searching hastily for a girl with that ability (which they then filmed in a limo, while Seymour was on his way to his kid’s school or something). I think the show sounds hilarious, something that’s probably right up my alley. I’ve always said that to make reality TV shows interesting they’re going to have to start filming the “seedier” parts of reality. It was only a matter of time before porn was featured… I guess there�s even a DVD of the first season now.

Anyway, I recounted this website that saw ages ago (of course I don’t bookmark sites like this–really, I don’t!) Where a guy claimed he had a technique which could make any girl squirt. This prompted me to look up the “mechanics” of it just now… One of the things I found out was that girls who ejaculate do so through their urethras. I would not have expected that to be the case, but I guess there are glands inside it or something that vary in size from one woman to the next.

I knew a girl once who would wet the bed when she came. She warned me ahead of time, and despite her warning, I did NOT expect the amount of liquid that resulted. It was pretty amazing, in retrospect–a warm flood that “gushed” over my hand with every pulse of her orgasm. I remember her obvious embarrassment about it. Our relationship (or lack-thereof) was a one-night thing, and I always blamed the fact that she lived at least an hour away. But we never discussed… anything really, and I sometimes wish we had. There’s a poem in that feeling somewhere, if I ever bothered to dig and find it. (But it might be more fun to write a poem about female ejaculation instead!)

PS, if you ever read this K, give me a call or email or something. I wonder where your life has taken you…

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  1. my old pal joe had a one-night-stand with a squirter once. it must have been in the mid-eightees. we were young. i had never heard of such a thing. fortunately for me, Joe was eager to enlighten anyone who showed interest in this phenomenon. he led us all into his bedroom and unveiled a bedstain the size of lake millacs. i hope she re-hydrated!

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