sweet movies and music

Last night I watched the Hero DVD I bought off ebay last week. I invited a few people over to watch it, but by the time they all got there, Nate was playing DDR in the living room, so a few of them did that, while I finished up a puzzle in the kitchen with Keith and Mike. It got to be 11, and everybody had to get up early, so they all left me to watch it by myself.

The movie feels a lot like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It doesn’t have quite the emotional impact of Crouching Tiger, but the cinematography and visuals are at least as good if not better. Also, I think there may be more/better fight scenes overall (a few more viewings are needed to make that judgement, however). Anyway, the fight scenes were very well done. Hell, everything about the movie was well done.

I posted a pic of the import dvd cover over on the moblog.

Today’s other news is that I picked up my listener appreciation gift for buying 25 watts from RadioK this morning. (Also wrote them a rather fat check while I was there–each watt is $10, you do the math.) Anyway, 25 watts was the only way I could get the complete first year of Some Assembly Required on CD. (I called and asked, believe me.) Seeing as how it’s the only radio show I really try to catch, and also seeing as how I basically almost never do, I figured it was worth the money–plus it’s a really good cause in general.

Cool link of the day: This Flash movie illustrating a song made entirely in windows SNDREC32.EXE. It’s a pretty sweet song actually, and worth listening to.

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