postponing the presidential election

I really can’t believe that this is even being talked about. The whole idea is so crazy it makes me wonder if it wasn’t some democratic scheme to take more votes from Bush. I guess time will tell. I really liked the Lincoln quote at the bottom of the article:

“The election is a necessity,” Lincoln said. “We cannot have a free government without elections; and if the rebellion could force us to forgo, or postpone, a national election, it might fairly claim to have already conquered us.”

DrBombay pointed out today that we’ve never lived in a true democracy, “it’s supposed to be a representative republic” he says. I didn’t take so well to history or political science, (one of my least favorite contradictions in terms), so I really wouldn’t know. I’ve always been pissed that it isn’t just one-person one vote, I don’t care where they live or how disproportionate the representation gets.

Laura is out of town, and has been posting pictures to her moblog. Some of them are really good, so I recommend you check them out.

Yesterday I was over at Mike Fish’s place playing City of Heroes for like 8 or 10 hours. I can’t decide whether it’s worth the $50 and then $15/month after that. The fact that I’m even debating it is pretty indicative of how fun the game has been so far.

Tonight I’m heading off shortly for Tai-Chi (which I haven’t been to in over a week, and then briefly to juggling after. I can’t decide if I should call up Mike after that and see if he’s up for some more slaying of villians. Ooh… or maybe he’d want to play some Go… Now there’s a thought… what if, in one of these Massively Multiplayer games, you could play other games, like Chess and Go, and maybe it would even give you some kind of skill that you couldn’t get otherwise, or enhance other skills that you already posess… hmm. There’s got to be something in that idea. I saw another ad for Puzzle Pirates today. I should give it another try and see if it’s gotten any better. I do so love puzzle games.