my doings and goings

So I subscribed to netflix. I was sick of waiting for my classic science fiction movies to make it to the top of Nate’s queue. Plus, I just bought a DVD burner.

I’ve been up way too late these last couple of weeks on a regular basis playing City of Heroes. I’ve become one of those totally despicable people whose lives revolve around a massively multiplayer game. I think some subconscious part of me wants to burn out so I can be done with it. But I’ve got to wait till after just about everybody I know becomes addicted first, then I can play with them for awhile, have the coolest and most creative characters, then go down in a blaze of glory that would make Bon Jovi jealous if only he knew what a level 10 natural defender with Atomic skillsets does. (Of course I’ll be way above level 10 by that time.)

My character (for those of you who haven’t slumped off already or are still reading out of a morbid pity) is a four-foot bald guy in a puffy pink jumpsuit with gray spots named the Atomic Pig. He has a curly pink tail, and kicks ass. He’s also got teleportation powers, so if you befriend him, you can ride his porkchop express. (I know, I know, I thought of the “pigs flying” thing after I’d already chosen my level 6 powerset so I guess that joke will never… um, fly.)

In non-geeked-out-superhero news, I helped this guy Mark and his significant other move into their new apartment about 10 blocks from me, and boy are my arms tired! (Seriously, I haven’t been this sore from manual labor in a long time, and this was really only a couple of hours of work. I’m such a wuss.)

more rhyme and grime later… I’m off to work.