catching up

So I realize that it’s been quite a while. Lots of things have happened and continue to happen. Laura and I are no longer engaged. (That’s a quite recent development.) I’m still taking tai-chi classes. Still playing City of Heroes. Ren fest has started and is almost over. (I’m not going as much this year as I have in the past. It’s mostly just been one day a weekend so far.) My birthday was at the beginning of this month and passed with a bout of the usual birthday manic depressive rollercoaster. I have had a recent urge to write fiction again. I’ve finished reading a few good novels. (The Golden Age and its two sequels by John C. Wright, and Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan, among others.) I’m currently reading the fourth in the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde, which is absolutely fantastic, and has had me near stitches at times.

I played unicycle hockey last night for the first time in ages. I’m composing this blog entry on my laptop, and will be leaving soon to get out to fest in time to watch my friend Fisch in the fencing tournament they have every year at the fencing booth.

Last night after unicycling I went to Steve’s place for his birthday party. Tonight is another birthday party at Kris’s place. I may stop there on my way out to fest. I am also missing Merlin and Shalene’s housewarming party as I write this. Merlin, if you read this, I’m sorry I missed it.

I doubt I’ll get another chance to write this weekend as I’ve got far too much to do tomorrow.