What I Do and Am

Tonight I did not play city of heroes. Instead I played some mindless puzzle games from shockwave.com. I do not really recommend shockwave. Yesterday I signed up for their GameBlast subscription thinking that it would allow me to play all their download games while that subscription was valid. Their website led me to this conclusion, but unfortunately, not all their games are covered by a gameblast subscription. When I found this out I was pretty upset. Especially since the game I had wanted to play was one of the ones not covered under GameBlast’s subscription fees.

Shockwave has some kind of reseller contract with popcap games. Now, as we all know, Popcap makes some of the finest and bestest action puzzle games known to mankind. When I started really comparing the games available under the GameBlast subscription to the ones that weren’t, I realized that none of the popcap games I know and love are covered or available that way. I’m really pissed at gameblast for not being up front about what games are available via subscription, and what games you have to pay for individually. I read the fine print, and even if I cancel my subscription today, I still have to pay for a whole month of their service at minimum, so tonight I decided to get my money’s worth. They have a few pretty fun games. Most of them are crap though. One popcap game beats the lot of them hands down.

Nate wants to play Lemonaid Tycoon before I cancel it, but then it’s totally getting turned off. Shockwave sucks. Down with shockwave.

So yeah, I was going to write in some existential stuff here about how you are what you do. That phrase is never more appropriate than when you’re doing nothing. Even the productive part of my evening, when I went to Best Buy was a big waste of time, because I got home and realized I’d bought the wrong kind of DVD media. I’ll be going back sometime tomorrow to return it.

I’m a giant waste of flesh. …well, maybe not really, Zelda must find me moderately useful as he’s laying on my feet right now.

I should probably make some effort to sleep. I have a meeting tomorrow morning. Plus I told my brother to show up before then so we could burn coppies of his promo DVD. Now I’m going to only have one or two DVDs for him to use until I get back from going to best buy after the meeting.