wow is right

Worlds of Warcraft. There, I’ve said it. Far more addicting than the also recently aquired Fable (for XBox), Worlds of Warcraft has supplanted City of Heroes as my new favorite video game. I still know lots more people who play CoH, so I’m not going to give it up entirely, I’m just giving some of those people a chance to catch up with the atomic pig, who is about five levels above most of their highest level characters. ;)

So yeah, I got accepted into the WoW beta test. That means that this newest latest addiction is entirely free. (Until release.) Unfortunately, all our characters will go away at that time. So Grid, my level 12 Undead Mage will at that time cease to exist. I think I will probably stop playing at that time. At least, I hope I will be sick of it by then.

Unlike city of heroes, worlds of warcraft is a very different game, depending on what “race” you choose to play. (At least in the early levels anyway.) There are less options for customizing your character up front, but more options as the game progresses. They are very different games, really.

Fable is also pretty fun. I just don’t know when I’ll get around to playing it in betwen marathon nights full of WoW goodness. Laura started playing it, and last actually went to bed later than I did. (After last sunday realizing I’d played WoW from midnight to 7:30, I decided I’m going to make sure I get in bed by 1 am from now on.) It’s just added incentive to start playing earlier.