on my desk now

Canned air, a hand-held tape recorder, a box of
Ear plugs, speakers, a letter opener, scotch tape —
Two dispensers, single and double sided —
Hundreds of scraps of paper with
Phone numbers, dates, notes; empty boxes with
Video game instruction manuals,
A motherboard still in box,
Another box full of old Pentium CPUs,
Blank CD and DVD media,
Dust, a fountain without water in it,
A date book, pens, sharpie markers,
Two boxes of checks, a stack of
Return address stickers, unread computer books,
Two keyboards, a mouse, a stack of DVD movies,
3-ring binder, bills, coupons, a calculator, cigarette lighter,
This monitor, post-it notes, (some attached to the monitor),
Five stand-up Budas that Mike brought back for me from Alaska,
A stand-up photo album, two empty
Subway customer appreciation cards,
Unused jewel cases, volume controls,
Cable modem router, 4-port switch and
Wireless hub, empty envelopes — security and “invitation” size —
An unused calendar, set of precision screw drivers,
Worn Bitstream mouse pad, a few random floppy disks,
A poem that I wrote on the back of an opened envelope, and
My wrists.

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