movable type plugin ideas

I tried to write some more php poetry today, and it was BAD. So instead I’ll post these movable type plugin ideas I had, in case someone either a) is ambitious enough to write one, or b) happens to know of one already that does basically what I want.

MTShowAtLeast, a very simple plugin that changes the functionality of lastn entries to mean “show at least” the last n entries rather than just showing that number all the time. So basically, this shows the greater number, either the number in lastn, or the set number of days in your blog preferences.

MTCSSPicker would be quite a bit more complicated, and read in your default style sheet, giving you some color pickers for each entry in the style sheet with a color attribute already in existence. Or maybe it’d give you the option for every style defined. For styles with multiple hex values already, it’d give you multiple pickers, as in the case of style sheet entries with background colors and the like. I’ve always thought this would be a great idea just in general, a CSS GUI.

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