thoughts at five am

Things I’m thinking about at around 5am.

  • The Worlds of Warcraft beta is almost over. They’re going to be down for a few days, and everyone has to download a new client. When the servers come back up they’ll be officially starting the “stress test”, which probably just means open beta. Anybody can sign up. Usually these things don’t last too long, so I’ll bet the game actually gets released in the next couple of weeks at most. I wanted to be sick of this game before it was released… but there’s just so much to do! I will refrain from buying it in november, however, as I’ll be doing nanowrimo.
  • I really want to go see the documentary film Blogumentary next friday at the oak street. It’s part of a local documentary film festival called Get Real. Some of the other films sound quite interesting too.
  • I can’t believe I’ve blogged every day this month so far. That is definitely a personal record of some kind. Even last november I missed eight days or so. (of course, I was probably too busy blogging to post then.) I’m sure I won’t be keeping this kind of pace up during Nano next month, but I do hope to update fairly regularly.
  • Speaking of nanowrimo, tonight is the twin cities kickoff meeting/party. The first really is starting to creep up on me, and I still have only a vague idea for my novel. I thought that by this time I’d have thought of (and no doubt rejected) several other ideas, but no, I just haven’t given it enough thought really at all. I may end up going with my first idea because I have no others. (Which is what I really didn’t want to do this year, because it’s pretty much what I did last year. This year I wanted to have some small plot outline at the very least.) Wish me luck, and if you’re doing it, maybe I’ll see you tonight!
  • I’m sleepy.

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