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How’s this for a list of things to include in your novel: a list of “Human Universals”, link via Kottke, who says “All known human cultures share these attributes.”

Tonight I met a bunch of nanowrimoers, most of whom I’ll never remember their names. But I also met Sharyn, who I seem to have an inordinate amount of things in common with, and Katherine who I have met before and find oddly intriguing… (Also, she calls me “Mozilla Man” because the first time I met her I was wearing a Mozilla T-shirt, which is obviously appealing in an entirely too geeky sort of way.)

I had a very productive shower today, where I figured out the motivation for one of my main plot points in the novel that I haven’t even really thought much about, but which I will be writing next month. Man, lets hope I can avoid sentences like that last one come monday!

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  1. It was great meeting you guys last night!

    Frequently I have productive showers as well, working through pieces I am writing or re-writing, often composing large blocks of text in my head. The problem is, once I get out and towel off the words seem to evaporate.

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