camera phone

He’s showing off his new phone
the one he took to the strip club
coughing every time he took a picture
because he didn’t know at the time
how to turn off the fake shutter sound.

So we’re all standing around
squinting at this tiny, grainy
picture of a naked woman at the strip club.
We are twice removed
from real sex.

poetic fragment about liposuction

The poems from today sucked. So you get this unfinished tidbit instead:

defragment your fat
the plastic circuit surgeon
snips a few bytes from under your input devices,
and you’re good as factory refurbished
out of the box beautiful
gorgeous command lines
command line curves
root like a rose in june

Three quick circular poems that circle.

On Creating Crucifixes

It is only natural for them to build things in their own image.
Believing, as many of them do, that they were built
in the image of one who built them in his image.


Believing in destiny after the fact.

Because it happened,
The thing that happened
Was meant to happen


Logic will only get you so far.

Imagining too few possibilities
makes everything logical.
Imagine too many possibilities
and nothing is logical.

ode to a dry erase board

Your markers foul my brain
with their lovely scents
and their highlight-like colors
screaming your white praises
off the wall at the merest felt stroke.

Your holy whiteness
marred by years of words and lines
left too long on your alter of ivory,
surface shiny like wolf’s teeth,
you are the hunter’s spear-head.

You exist for storms of brains
from torrents of cold frozen brain-hail
to light-pink brain-rains with a chance of
grey-matter sunshine peeking out from pink clouds
later in the meeting.


hot metal lines
etched on grass colored plastic
silicon envy
bigger and better parts
pressed flat for fitting
with case fans and power supply
slippery slithering electrons
team up to tell stories in pixels

interesting osx tidbit

A little interesting OS X factoid… I wondered a few minutes ago if there was a log on my laptop of when it had been put to sleep and woken back up again. I did a google search and looked through the first two pages of results without any luck. Then I looked in my library folder, and low and behold, the very first file I tried had that information in it. This is the kind of thing it would seem I would inevitably search for again and never be able to find, so I’m posting it here. The file was /Library/Logs/Console/(username)/console.log Neat, huh?

movable type plugin ideas

I tried to write some more php poetry today, and it was BAD. So instead I’ll post these movable type plugin ideas I had, in case someone either a) is ambitious enough to write one, or b) happens to know of one already that does basically what I want.

MTShowAtLeast, a very simple plugin that changes the functionality of lastn entries to mean “show at least” the last n entries rather than just showing that number all the time. So basically, this shows the greater number, either the number in lastn, or the set number of days in your blog preferences.

MTCSSPicker would be quite a bit more complicated, and read in your default style sheet, giving you some color pickers for each entry in the style sheet with a color attribute already in existence. Or maybe it’d give you the option for every style defined. For styles with multiple hex values already, it’d give you multiple pickers, as in the case of style sheet entries with background colors and the like. I’ve always thought this would be a great idea just in general, a CSS GUI.

blog and goliath

huge fists of paragraphs
blog entry right hook, left hook, punchline, kicker
another site bites the dust

the spoils of war,
trackback pings and comments galore
the hit counter rolls over in its grave

Apocalypse in Stereo

Future set significantly far away
So no difficult questions
Sensations entirely different
Eyes enormously dissident

Soul a scrub brush away from heaven
Occult eyes squinting at science
Depth of milieu
Dystopia greener from the present

[ going for quantity here, not quality. ]