last day of nanowrimo – entry 4

Another quick and dirty three hundred words. Then bought an italian soda and wrote a poem about it that I’ll post when I’m done with this entry.

The blonde with the iBook (and her boyfriend!) moved to the couch just behind me and have been talking incessantly with someone who they were incredibly surprised to see here (apparently). They’ve been talking about an art show, but in a very valley-girl mode that makes me want to strangle someone.

There are far too many distracting and attractive people here. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the guy who keeps stealing glancees at me who took the place of the iBook girl.

I’m starting to feel bad that I have the “big table” but nobody is sitting with me. I thought when I sat down that I might be joined by the aforementioned fellow writers, but now that they’ve been declared noshows, I should probably move to a smaller space.