last day of nanowrimo – entry 8

I just couldn’t NOT post this. Another attractive woman is sitting across from me. She’s much older, but not nearly as ‘suburban looking’ as the last one. She’s ballancing her checkbook, but still holding her coat and backpack like she’s going to bolt for another table as soon as one opens up.

I have written a little over a hundred words in ten minutes. Ramping up for the conclusion, but it’s still a way off. I may combine the idea I had earlier (to overhaul my outline) with the current outline, and create some kind of hybrid ending. If I don’t finish this thing tonight, I’m going to write every day until it’s done, and this time I mean it, damnit. In fact, I have to finish by Thursday, because a guy is compiling a cd with a bunch of nano novels on it, and handing them out at the thank god its over party on saturday. (His deadline for getting them to him is thursday, and I told myself I’d at least spell-check before then.)