links and psychotic tendencies

Here’s an intriguing idea conceived by one of my more or less intriguing friends over at Book this Blog (.com). I wonder what it would feel like to have a bound copy of livingtech in my hands. It’s so contrary to the whole blog concept that I really want to do it for some reason. Lets print the web!

I’ve been posting over at Tech Evangelists, which is a sort of communication experiment for the company I work for. Many of us believe in blogs the way I refuse to believe in deities, and so we’re trying to put our mouths where our money comes from… on the web. I can’t say much about it, cause I still haven’t read the bio I was supposed to add to the sidebar earlier today, (somehow that got lost in the list of things I had on the proverbial “plate”,) but so far it’s just been a free-for-all.

My friend KR has finally started posting regularly on the blog I set up for her back in October. It’s fun to see someone new pick up the blogging bug. I hope she keeps at it.

In not so pleasant news, Laura and I have been fighting like an old married couple the last few nights, and I feel like I’m totally raining on her parade. I don’t know why, but every time we get into these miniscule squabbles I feel angrier and angrier when they’re not resolved right away. The dentist told me I’ve been grinding my teeth in my sleep and said that I might need to wear some kind of mouth guard if I notice myself doing it during the day. (Apparently people who grind their teeth during the day almost always do so involuntarily at night.) So today I tried to pay close attention to whether I was grinding, and didn’t really notice myself grinding, but did notice myself biting the skin in my mouth, and my nails, and around my nails… constantly. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m probably wound up so tight that one of these days I’ll find myself holding an Uzi I don’t remember purchasing, looking down on the bloodied corpses of all the people I know and love.

…maybe then I can stop chewing my nails.

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  1. dude, that’s so weird! i bite the skin inside my mouth and on the sides of my nails all the time! it’s a terrible habit…

    relationships are hard. it’s difficult to figure out how to live with another person, how to stay yourself and still be true to the relationship…all of that. I have no advice, only saying all of us that are in long-term relationships (whether they’re open or not) are right there with you.

  2. Actually, you would find the Uzi to be much too expensive (probably a couple thousand $ these days, just for a semi-auto one!) and really not that effective for the mass killing of your friends and loved ones. Magazines are hard to come by, having been mostly banned for years, and since it uses 9mm ammunition, its stopping power is less than admirable.

    A better bet would be maybe a Ruger Mini-14, which is much cheaper (about $400), available at Gander Mountain stores throughout the Twin Cities area, has readily available 30-round magazines, and uses 5.56mm/.223 Remington ammuntion, for much better stopping power than a wimpy 9mm pistol round.

    (Actually, if you were *really* in the market for a rifle, that wouldn’t necessarily be the one I would suggest, but you know…)

    But seriously…sounds like you need a vacation. Or a mental realignment. Or something. Living with a woman is hard, but it shouldn’t be homicide-inducing – at least, not continuously…

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