Mondo recap

Mondo came and went last weekend, and it was great. Not quite as great, however, as the last madfest. Of course, Madfest is in madison, and much harder to drive to. I have plans to go to another juggling convention in two weeks, the one down in illinois.

I don’t know how I suddenly got “back into” juggling, or even if I ever was “out” of it, but this time of year just happens to be a busy one for juggling conventions, at least in the midwest. (Which seems odd, you’d think we’d want to have them in the summer or something.)

Anyway, I’ve been picking up a few new skills, and my five clubs has improved immensely. I’m also getting pretty close to level five on the unicycle.

One reason mondo may not have felt quite as fun as mad fest was the fact that I was probably coming down with something the whole weekend. This week my body has been drained of all energy, and I’ve mostly just sat around like a lump of fat. Most days it’s all I can do to force myself to eat sometime in the afternoon before laura gets home from work. As a result though, I have been plowing through the sandman comic series, which I borrowed from Delobius’s wife.

Now because I’ve been sick all week, my sleep schedule is all f’d up. For instance, I slept till 1pm today. If I do feel well enough to go into work tomorrow, (I felt a little better today, like maybe the worst of it is behind me) …you can bet I’ll be in late. At least I’ve got forgiving coworkers (who are probably reading this right now wondering if I’m full of shit).

I’m going to upload some new pictures to the TCUC gallery before I got to bed, I think.

(And this is a particularly lame entry, I think… Where are all the big ideas? I watched “No Maps for These Planes” this afternoon, a documentary on William Gibson. It was quite interesting. The part that probably struck me the hardest was how he had at one time been inspired to take all the psychedelic drugs he could get his hands on. I guess I’d never thought of him as all that “out there” or surreal, but his better stuff definitely is, which is probably why I like it so much. That and the sandman comics have definitely put me in a strange sort of introspective mood.)

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