new blogs, opening movies and closing stores

My friends Daniel and Ilona have started blogs after moving to Portland. I miss them already.

Also, I saw Howl’s Moving Castle last Saturday at the Uptown, but I still have at least three movies in the theater that I desperately want to see. I may skip out on work today (like really soon now) and go see Batman Begins with Jason downtown. He and I also have a date to see Kontroll sometime at the Lagoon. And finally, I have also heard enough good things about Mr. and Mrs. Smith that it is relatively high on my priority list as well. In other movie news I picked up a pass to see next Tuesday’s showing of Land of the Dead, but just found out that it’s the same director who did Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead (the original), and Day of the Dead. I am almost certain I have seen none of the above, and may have to make an effort in that direction this weekend.

The problem is that I already skipped some work today to take a long lunch and check out the going out of business sale that Let it Be records is having downtown. I think today might be their last day, or anyway, that’s what I read over at the citypages. Other local stores that are closing soon: Sister Fun, an uptown toy store, and the Toys-R-Us in Roseville. Too bad I’m essentially penniless as of late.

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