Viewers Wanted

Well, for a while there I was all excited about having someone to watch cheezy Kung Fu action movies with me. But of course that fell flat as fuck, and now I have a bunch of accumulated movies to watch. High on my list are Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain, The Bride with White Hair, A Chinese Ghost Story (including the two sequels), and Swordsman (Also including various sequels.)

Tonight we are (hopefully) going to watch the season finale of the new Dr. Who. It’s the last episode with the 9th Doctor in it, and of course there are going to be more Daleks.

I also just got and hope to watch Immortel. I had thought it was going to see a US theatrical release (I read sometime last year), but a few days ago I was just surfing around and found it on Netflix. It arrived in the mail today.

The weekend after this one is convergence. Laura is helping plan a Space Pirates versus Space Cowboys room party. I was appalled they hadn’t chosen to show any movies, so I took it upon myself to plan some bad sci-fi flicks. Friday night (Saturday morning, really) at 2am we’re going to show Westworld, (full of robot cowboys, yay!) and Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 2am we’ll show Ice Pirates. These will both be good movies to fall asleep watching, but anyone who hasn’t seen them may also stay interested enough to stumble bleary-eyed back to their rooms at 4am. (Also, don’t miss the party’s scavenger hunt, the prizes are going to be awesome!) See you there!

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  1. You probably didn’t know this but for the last couple of months on Saturdays I have been watching Spike TV’s Films of Fury, which I assume is their take on Kung Fu theater. A few weeks ago Taka and I went down to Konrad’s and watched Princess Blade.

    So I am going to jump up and down now, and wave my hands, to get your attention.

    I love Kung Fu movies!

    I don’t get to see enough of them!

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