exploding heads and martian warfare

In between listening to these Boing Boing induced christian mp3s of children singing, and looking at a mildly disturbing diaper fetish site that a co-worker left up on another co-worker’s screen, my productivity is dwindling and my head feels about like it’s going to explode ala scanners.

I’m writing this entry to try and and detoxify my system. I’m also listening to an addictive music mix.

Last night I went to an awesome party/gaming night hosted by this guy who randomly posted on BoardGameGeek.com about wanting to meet more local gamers. The eight people that showed up were genuinely interested in board games, and that made for a really great night of gaming. I played El Grande for the first time and loved it, also played one called Shadows over Camelot that was pretty fun (and looked really cool). Interesting premise too, in that you all play against the game rather than each other, although I sort of think this takes some of the fun out of it.

Tonight after family dinner I’m going to try and come up with some kind of Pirate costume for this weekend. I’ll also probably spend some time reading War of the Worlds. I started it last weekend and was furiously trying to finish reading it before the midnight showing on Tuesday night. I only got about halfway, (although we did also watch the 1953 movie on Monday night in preparation). But then on Tuesday night we went to two theaters before midnight before we found out at the second one that Paramount had canceled all midnight showings. Apparently all the newspapers had the correct listings, but most (some?) online ticket vendors hadn’t updated their databases. Of course Nate saw it last night without me… and what with Convergence this weekend, I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to either a) finish the novel, or b) watch the new movie.

One of the guys last night was the person behind the blog yearofglad.com, and I went to his site this morning on a whim. Good poetry there. Prolific too–made me feel like a slacker. Now I just wish I knew which guy it’d been. We never really connected faces/names with emails, and that’s all I have to work from. It’s an interesting head scratcher.

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