signs that Laura has been out of town for weeks now

I just ate a piece of pizza that sat overnight on the coffee table.

This morning I threw a load of laundry into the washing machine that contained lights, darks, cottons and delicates.

Zelda has taken to walking the house meowing loudly to himself. When I try to console him, he will often let me actually hold him in my arms for a bit (something he almost never does).

Hmm. I guess that’s it for now. I’ve spent too much time today on flickr. I discovered geobloggers from the flickr blog, and also read an article about how flickr got started, and their development process. Oh how I would love to work on something as cool as flickr. Their collaborative development sounds really sweet too. Now if only laura didn’t have my (our) camera… but then I guess we wouldn’t see pictures like this one from Switzerland. (The LG indicates she took it. There are 11 of them with cameras on the trip, so I guess there are a lot of pictures to choose from at the end of every day.)

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