Pirates and their poems

This is silly, but it is talk like a pirate day today. I looked for other pirate poems, and they were mostly crap. (So I decided it was ok to add to the drivel.)

There’s plenty more pirate innuendo where this came from. Some notable lines left unused include: “How’d you like to hang from me mainstay?” “You want to walk me plank?” and “I ain’t afraid ter get me sheets soaked in a storm.”


Treasure Map Tango

I was shiverin’ me timbers when I saw yer open spaces,
yer sandy shores curved in all the right places.

I cried out ARRRR!
In that moment I wished ter be a landlubber.

You was a prize fit for a pirate king;
an ye made me parrot sing.

I took an oar to yer beaches and buried me sword in ter da hilt,
stealing yer treasure without any guilt.

That’s how I found yer booty
‘neath yer spot marked X.

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