one month till nanowrimo

I have only one month to plan for nanowrimo. I’m thinking a galactic space odyssey, but I have no idea what will make due for plot, or even characters at this point.

Last year I’d thought I wanted to try my hand at humor, and maybe that would be fun too… maybe I could do both. I really have no idea yet… I’m starting to compile a list in the back of my brain for possibilities.

Tonight was going to be me all alone and sitting around… playing video games and reading the novel that I’ve been carrying around for over a month without reading. (It’s good so far, but slow.)

But I’d forgotten about plans to watch more eppisodes of Lost, the only TV show I’ve been even remotely interested in lately, and furthermore, Laura is over packing boxes for next weekend’s impending move. (I’m planning on being out of town, maybe camping in the badlands.)

This month is so booked it’s fucking crazy. Every saturday has a party (but this next one), and the last weekend I’ll actually be in Chicago (just finalized plans last night) to see my friends Brian and Lana perform at Six Flags Great America. I guess we are also going to see The Midnight Circus while we’re there.

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  1. I am thinking of doing nanowrimo this year. Have no idea what I would write about, but I have the writing bug, that’s for sure. It might be fun. Besides it’s no big deal if I don’t finish. That just means that maybe I’ll have to try again next year :)

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